Understanding the client’s vision

UNICEF wanted to streamline cash transfers for humanitarian aid

UNICEF is dedicated to optimizing the process of cash transfers for humanitarian aid, reflecting its commitment to providing effective support to vulnerable families. Humanitarian cash transfers represent one of the most efficient ways by which UNICEF brings tangible relief and empowerment to affected families.

To facilitate this, UNICEF wanted to develop a digital tool, The Humanitarian Cash Operations and Programme Ecosystem (HOPE), to ensure that data in their humanitarian cash transfer programs are protected and safe.

  • Platforms Web Application
  • Industries Non-profit Organization
  • Expertise Product Design, Development
  • Timescale 2019 – Present



Fragmented data management

Prior to HOPE development aid distribution processes suffered from fragmented data management, making identifying and registering beneficiaries accurately and efficiently difficult


Analog payment systems

Analog payment systems led to increase risk of delays in fund disbursements, negatively impacting the lives of those in need.


Limited transparency and tracking

Challenges to monitor the effectiveness of aid distribution and maintaining accountability.


Lack of a centralized platform

The absence of a centralized platform hindered the efficient management and risk informed implementation of cash transfer programs


To support UNICEF’s aims for humanitarian cash transfers, UNICEF partnered with Kellton to develop an innovative web app called Humanitarian cash Operations and Programme Ecosystem (HOPE), focusing on seamless beneficiary registration, targeting, and payment disbursement whilst implementing new data analytics tools, integrated payment systems, and APIs. As a result, UNICEF enhanced aid distribution efficiency, improved transparency and accountability, and increased beneficiary reach.


Account data efficiently managed and secured


Countries enabled with humanitarian cash transfers


Delivered to crisis-affected families


An intuitive web app with advanced analytics and real-time tracking

We built a streamlined web app that made cash payments simple

Kellton partnered with UNICEF to build a web app to facilitate cash transfers during humanitarian crises, providing a global snapshot of statistical data for all countries and regions that adopted this solution.

The web application streamlined the entire process of beneficiary registration, targeting, and payment disbursement. The application featured an intuitive user interface and was built for cross-platform compatibility.

The application facilitated data collection and synchronization with a centralized data management system to target the right beneficiaries for various cash programs. We integrated the application with a range of payment systems and APIs, enabling seamless, secure transactions with minimal delays.

The application provided real-time tracking of aid distribution and a reporting dashboard, enabling stakeholders with end-to-end transparency to monitor the cash transfer process.


Unlocking digital success


Process optimization

Streamlined beneficiary registration, targeting, and payment disbursement processes.


Aid security

Enhanced efficiency and security of aid distribution with integrated payment systems


Transparent tracking

Improved transparency and accountability with real-time tracking and reporting capabilities.


Global scalability

Greater scalability, supporting deployment in multiple countries and reaching millions of beneficiaries.

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