Understanding the client’s vision

Leveraging mobile technology to connect pregnant women to emergency care

The Vodafone Foundation and Touch Health share a bold vision: to tackle the persistent challenge of maternal and newborn mortality in rural Sub-Saharan Africa. Recognizing the barriers faced by thousands of pregnant women in accessing emergency care, they conceived the m-mama program.

With a commitment to leveraging technology for social good, their vision crystallized into developing a data visualization product. This innovative solution aims to enhance the existing m-mama initiative, empowering pregnant women and newborns by connecting them efficiently to vital emergency care services in remote areas.

  • Platforms Progressive Web App (PWA)
  • Deliverables UX/UI strategy, Application development
  • Industry Non-profit Organizations
  • Expertise Product Design, Development
  • Timescale 1 year



Accessibility Barriers in Rural Areas

Addressing the challenge of pregnant women unable to access hospitals in emergencies due to remote locations, m-mama utilizes mobile technology to connect them swiftly to life-saving care, thereby mitigating maternal and newborn mortality rates in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Lack of Affordable Emergency Transport

With the absence of affordable emergency transport exacerbating poor health outcomes, m-mama fills this crucial gap by coordinating a network of volunteer community drivers and utilizing basic technology to ensure timely access to emergency care for pregnant women and newborns in rural areas.

ma-mama 1
ma-mama 2

In collaboration with Touch Health and powered by Vodafone Foundation, we developed a comprehensive Emergency Transport Dashboard tailored to address the pressing needs of pregnant women and newborns in Africa. Our solution encompassed a ground-up approach, focusing on raising program visibility and facilitating broad sharing. By identifying target user segments, leveraging available solutions, and designing with future scalability in mind, we implemented a versatile and impactful solution poised to drive positive change in maternal and newborn healthcare across the continent.

USAID acknowledged the significant impact of m-mama in saving the lives of mothers and newborns, calling it an "extraordinary" and cost-effective program. It has announced a USD18 million partnership to expand m-mama to Kenya. Kellton is proud to have partnered as a digital solutions provider for m-mama.


Decrease in maternal mortality


Increase in emergency transport access


Women & newborns transported each year in Tanzania & Lesotho


m-mama, a life-saving maternal and newborn emergency transport system

Empowering emergency healthcare access with the m-mama Web App

As technology partners with the Vodafone Foundation and Touch Health, we collaborated to develop a comprehensive solution for the m-mama emergency transportation program. Our Progressive Web App (PWA) serves as a pivotal tool in connecting pregnant women and newborns in rural Sub-Saharan Africa to vital healthcare services. The app features an intuitive executive dashboard showcasing key performance indicators and a dynamic map displaying historic and real-time cases. By leveraging mobile technology, our solution facilitates prompt emergency responses, optimizing the impact of acute care initiatives. We designed the interface with user-friendly functionalities, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions efficiently. Our solution not only addressed current needs but also anticipates future scalability and sustainability, aligning with the program's expansion across Tanzania, Lesotho, and Kenya. Through close collaboration with our partners and leveraging local resources such as M-Pesa for instant payment transactions, we crafted an effective and affordable system that significantly reduces maternal and newborn mortality rates, underscoring our commitment to improving healthcare accessibility in resource-constrained settings.


Unlocking digital success


Enhanced access to emergency healthcare services

The m-mama program's network of community drivers and ambulances, along with mobile technology for dispatch, bridged the emergency transportation gap. This timely access led to a marked decrease in maternal and newborn mortality rates, fulfilling the program's mission of saving lives and promoting maternal and child health.


Strengthened healthcare infrastructure and systems

The m-mama emergency transportation system, deployed in Tanzania, Lesotho, and Kenya, strengthened healthcare infrastructure. Integrated into existing frameworks and with toll-free dispatch centers, it optimized emergency care delivery. This sustainable intervention improved maternal and newborn health outcomes in the region.


Empowerment of Local Communities and Stakeholders

The m-mama web app empowered local communities through collaboration in emergency healthcare. Mobilizing volunteer drivers and partnering with government agencies, addressed rural emergency transportation challenges. This grassroots approach increased community resilience and sustainability, paving the way for expansion across Africa.


Cost-Effective and Sustainable Healthcare Solutions

The program used philanthropic funding for setup costs and transitioning ongoing operational expenses to partner governments, showcasing financial viability to addressing maternal and newborn health challenges. This model ensured scalability and longevity of the m-mama initiative, offering a blueprint for future healthcare interventions in resource-constrained settings, maximizing the impact of investments in global health.

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