Our Process


Determine scope and objectives

Define the precise scope and objectives of the Design System. We identify target user personas, supported platforms, and devices, while establishing overarching design principles and goals.


Conduct a design audit

Evaluate existing design elements and processes both within the organization and across the industry. This helps identify areas for improvement and sets a baseline for the Design System.


Develop a style-guide

Based on the audit results, create a comprehensive style guide that defines the visual and user experience (UX) design elements of the system. This includes typography, color palette, iconography, and layout to ensure consistent presentation across all platforms and devices.


Build reusable components

Create a library of modular, flexible, and responsive components and patterns. These reusable elements will ensure consistency and efficiency throughout all design work.


Write documentation

Prepare comprehensive documentation for the Design System, including implementation guidelines, maintenance procedures, and governance principles. This documentation will make the system scalable, maintainable, and easily adopted by designers and developers across the organization.

Our process

Product Design Methods & Tools

Reusable Component Library

System Documentation

Consistent Brand Style

Icon Set Design

Illustration Design


Enhanced Consistency

Our Design Systems offer a unified framework of guidelines and components, ensuring a consistent visual and functional experience across different touchpoints.

Increased Efficiency

Benefit from our library of reusable UI components that streamline the design and development process. With pre-built elements, we enable you to focus on problem-solving rather than recreating elements from scratch.

Improved Collaboration

Our Design Systems act as a single source of truth, facilitating better collaboration between designers, developers, and other stakeholders for a more cohesive product development journey.


Embrace the future with confidence. Our Design Systems provide a foundation for growth, making it easier to maintain and evolve products as your organization expands.

Brand Identity

Reinforce your brand's identity and visual expression across multiple channels with our unified design language. We ensure your product exudes a memorable brand presence.

Quality Assurance

We prioritize accessibility, performance, and usability guidelines in our Design Systems, ensuring that your products meet the highest standards and provide an inclusive experience for all users.


Design faster and more cohesively with our scalable Design Systems

Unlock the full potential of your creative team and eliminate rework with our customizable Design Systems services. Streamline collaboration, enhance consistency, and maintain a unified visual language across your production suite.


Account data efficiently managed and secured at UNICEF HOPE


Countries enabled with humanitarian cash transfers at UNICEF HOPE


Delivered to crisis-affected families at UNICEF HOPE

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